Mazda Premium Car Care - Unbeatable Vehicle Protection Inside And Out

Mazda is now offering a fully endorsed, market-leading paint and interior protection package for all new Mazda vehicles as part of its comprehensive Mazda Genuine Accessories range.

Preserving the deep lustre of Mazda paints in the harsh Australian climate and maintaining durability of the quality interior surfaces when exposed to everyday contaminants, Mazda Premium Car Care guarantees a long-lasting shine and effective barrier that repels all manner of dirt, road grime and bacteria. 

Mazda Australia has chosen to exclusively partner with Protection Brands and Permagard – a global leader in protective coatings that has been trusted by major airlines across the globe and is responsible for protecting the surfaces of over one hundred billion dollars’ worth of aircraft, automobiles and yachts.

The same exacting standards are applied to the Permagard aerospace-quality automotive products, and subsequently ensure that all Mazda owners can enjoy the benefits of superior protection that will last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Three separate packages are available: exterior protection; interior protection or full vehicle protection. 

Application of the interior protection kit creates a flexible barrier between the surface and contaminants, for stain resistance against commonly consumed food, drinks, general everyday soiling, sunscreen and makeup.

Two products are applied in the form of a plastic and vinyl protectant, and a leather and fabric protectant. The copolymer technology application therefore extends to all interior surfaces, including the floor mats, and protects against UV rays as well as scuff marks while also prolonging the look, feel and smell of leather.

The exterior protection process involves surface preparation prior to application of an ultra-glossy coating that protects the paint from harsh UV rays, damaging discolouration and staining from bird droppings, tree sap and industrial fallout. The coating forms a molecular-level bond to the paint, negating the need for polishing and waxing, and prevents the accumulation of dust and abrasives. All exterior surfaces are treated as part of the application – including trim – for total coverage of the entire vehicle.

Once the coatings are applied by Mazda technicians – all of whom have been extensively trained and accredited in the professional application of the products, a top-up kit is also supplied to the customer to periodically ensure the coatings are consistently performing at their very best.

As with all Mazda Genuine Accessories, a five-year warranty on the Mazda Premium Car Care range is provided. The warranty is also fully transferable between subsequent owners.

Customers wishing to opt for Mazda Premium Car Care can enquire at their local Mazda dealer.